Santarms Wood Camel Shaped Tissue Paper Holder

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    A guest in India is worshipped as equal to God. It becomes our responsibility to take care of all the needs of our guests. Ensuring that even the slightest requirements of our guests are fulfilled, we can leave an everlasting impression on their minds. The artists of Jodhpur present this beautiful Hand Painted Wooden Camel Shaped Tissue Paper Holder. The eye-arresting details such as flower garlands, carpet to cover the camelback, the leash, the hump capture the image of the camel ready to join a fair. Did you know? The Rajasthan Government organizes a Pushkar Camel Fair in which owners participate in the contest to win the prize for owning the most beautiful camel. We guarantee you that anyone that comes to visit your home will not be able to resist asking you where did you find this Wooden Camel Shaped Tissue Paper Holder. You can easily stack more than 50-70 tissue papers in this Wooden Tissue Paper Holder.
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