Santarms Handmade Wood Carved Elephant Statue

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    We suspect this possibility that when you say words - color and culture you will be reminded of another state rather than Jodhpur. Besides the Royal Palanquins, which is famous for Jodhpur, this city is home to wood expert artisans. Specializing in wood carving, Jodhpur artists present a wide range of Handicrafted Wooden Elephant statues. The figure of eye-catching orange and black elephants with light green details to highlight the piece is an item worth adding to your home decoration collection. You will be surprised to know that this whole piece is made using a wooden block which passes through many processes of refinement, smoothing, rubbing, painting etc to reach this stage. In the manufacture of this handmade colorful wooden carved elephant statue, non-toxic rubber paint has been used to heighten the pattern on the body of the black carpet and elephant statue. This wooden elephant idol grabs the auspiciousness of elephants from being the divine vehicle of Lord Ganesha. Take this ultimate showpiece home today and enjoy a classic era once again revived.
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